Beacons (Demos)

by Mind Not The Timid

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this is our debut album of demos. enjoy.


released July 23, 2013

mind not the timid:
brady heyen (vocals, guitar)
anna heyen (keyboards, flute)
colton heyen (trumpet, keyboards, guitar)
nathan hearnsberger (bass)
adam barfoot (drums)
delaney brown (vocals, percussion)
matthew braisted (guitar, mandolin)
noah taggart (tuba, trombone, percussion)
katie lee (violin)
alaina krakowiak (violin, banjo)

mastered by kevin reed
artwork by katie lee



all rights reserved


Mind Not The Timid Nashville, Tennessee

go big or go home.

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Track Name: The White Oak
carry on, don't you move a muscle for me
carry on in your pattern
carry on, it's alright if you ignore me now
you got it figured out but you are

buried on bodies of the ones before you
maybe on lungs still moving
tarry on if you're happy living with the sound
of sinking in the ground
the white oak

grab the neighbors and the lovers
tell them that we're jumping town
don't you worry about the others
they're already too far down
and we're leaving all the water
because it's just a bunch of smoke
the moss, the worms, the shade are gone at the white oak

terrified of a wasted reputation
verified by your rearing
purify all your thoughts of affirmation's doubt
let's try to talk this out
don't you know

you decide what is running through your body
demoralized is your hunger
glorify all the ropes that pull your body now
they want to get you out to the white oak
Track Name: Man From Illinois
the corn stove went out
still a warmth was in the room
i felt your breath surround me
like a thief inside his tomb
"can you turn the lights on?
i know that you're there."
but my words must not have reached you
for you didn't seem to care

lift up your chin
and have no fear
walk with me now
to new frontier
keep close your love
protect her cheer
forget the past
o pioneer

i climbed out my chair
it didn't want me to go
your ignorance persisted
my patience took the blow
i saw your smiling figure
in frames of static blue
your hand around the switch
my anger further grew

we stood face to face
with poise long behind
i screamed and i screamed
you just watched me cry
you reached toward my face
ripped the tape off my mouth
in a shameful embrace
you said,"ask me now."
Track Name: Man From Illinois Pt. II
hold your tongue
it's not decided yet
fill your lungs
full of the open breath
crack the door
tonight please don't forget
Track Name: Humeresy
fill the needle with blood
can you feel it moving?
are you taking enough?
do you see the bruising?
is he calling the bluff?
just say he's delusional

you can fill a body with terror
you can blow it all with error
you can be the bad news bearer
take it now put it up to the light
you know you're the great deceiver
you know that it ain't no fever
you know you don't need to be a pleaser
take it now put it up to the light

light is on the side
where all the humours hide
if you open up your eyes
you can let the colors be your guide

can you feel the heart?
can you feel it beating?
are you falling apart?
is your hand retreating?
are you throwing the cards?
can you carry out the call?

there's phlegm on the sheets
and bile on the floor
you've blackened your face
and the blood's out the door

do you do it for fame?
does it give you a high?
we can see through your game
you're hot, wet, cold, dry
Track Name: October 8, 1918
mountain man with no face
unwillingly dragged in the race
he's been cleaning his rifle for days upon end
now and then it's a chore
occasionally feeling so bored
if he only knew what's in store
you are first in command

alvin york, it's your time
your men have all given the sign
they're nervously waiting in line for your word
so this is war as it's read
and half of your comrades are dead
but you calmly walk up to the head all alone
you are first in command

alvin york you are first in command
and you're picking them off
just as fast as you can

oh american
have you no idols?
fight not for arrogance
nor for survival
Track Name: Unconscious Round
they've opened the range
for this exchange
despite all the bullets
we'll come out okay
with great faith
let's open the gate
and walk towards the target
and take up its fate

please take my hand
for i cannot stand
tell me right now
you'll stick to the plan
our feet scrape the ground
but still not a sound
our bodies the bullseye
let's drop our chains now

don't look in their eyes
they want you to die
as they load their guns
they stare at the prize
in the name of the son
we lovers are done
we trade our temptation
for the courage to run

listen to the whirring
of the bullets
as they pass us now
they can't touch us
as long as we have the crown
clearing our way
until we can reach the end
we will reach the end for him
we will reach the end

even though the whirring
of the bullets
may hurt our ears
there's no pain that
reaches past the healing tears
of our savior
who has held us all these years
we will reach the end for him
we will reach the end
Track Name: Erilis
you only seek videre
you never need credere
to dig so deep, taedere
you mock the sheep, fidere

you fight them off, crudelis
you pay your costs, fidelis
you’ve nothing left, inanis
love gets no breath, anhelis

i have no shot, debilis
my face is not flebilis
but i hold a hilt textilis
with sacred silk erilis

ambiet ferrei
molliet clipei
saliet fidei
bellator dei
Track Name: Flood
you step in the puddles on the ground
your tan moccasins are turning brown
come get your boots off my doorstep now
the rain has slowed, but it’s coming down

the weight of the water on the roof
tells me that this storm’s in hot pursuit
of you and me, please stay for the night
cause you and me, are covered in life

your socks leave prints on the hardwood floor
you wander around because you are bored
but not of me, and not of yourself
just of the place in which you fell

your bags have been packed
your bed is made
you’re already here
the path has been laid
let’s hide it away
with leaves and with dirt
and bury with it three more years of hurt

wipe off the mud
i got a hose in the back
here comes the flood
you better find what you lack
a nice big warm bed
and a mug full of fun
i'm your son and your brother and lover in one

here comes the morning dove
here ends your mourning, love
a little early, but I don’t care
i’ll take it anyway
Track Name: Willow Whispers
i heard the willow whispers
say she's coming home
say she's coming home

they said,"i know you missed her.
but now she's coming home."
now she's coming home
Track Name: Joy
in the fibers of our skin
a new love settles in
are you with me?
it penetrates our bones
we don't have to live alone
are you with me?

let's step in front, take the lashes
face the fire, be the ashes
on the wood
we'll roll with the punches when it counts
our love is richer, ounce for ounce
because he's good
because he's good

these fears can't hold us down
let's rip our roots up from the ground
are you with me?
let's walk sweaty hand in hand
and rebuild this broken land
i think you're with me

honey right about this time tomorrow
boys and girls will ask to borrow
all our joy and all the love between
we'll say, "ask the father, he's the giver.
follow him and he'll deliver.
then we'll walk together as we sing
Track Name: Sun Blood
lay the page and watch the inkwell
fill with blood with which my son fell
use your hands not for creating
storm the woods with trails a'blazing

rid us of creating spirit
show us truth and make us fear it
give us axes where our arms were
light our path and lead us onward

step away from your desire
show me faith and i'll show fire
to the hills that you are climbing
show me living while you're dying